The Norwegian-Funded Project “Attention to Biological Diversity Conservation”

18 January 2016

When implementing the EEA funded project No. EEE-LT03-AM-01-K-01-008 “Creating a biomass composting mechanism for preserving biodiversity in NATURA 2000 areas“ in Žemaitija National Park and Reiškiai State Telmological Reserve, 192 ha of neglected valuable grasslands and wetlands have been restored this year. Almost all of them are located in the state forest land. In the areas being restored bushes were cut down and the collected biomass was crushed and used for fuel production. In July and August, UAB “Eridaras” mowed 101 ha of grasslands and wetlands in Žemaitija National Park. Using the equipment purchased from the project funds Telšiai State Forest Enterprise mowed 91 ha of grasslands in Reiškiai Telmological Reserve. In the state forest land, large tidy open spaces and valuable habitats were opened. With the aid of the equipment purchased from the project funds, over 900 tons of mowed biomass was transported to the nursery of Telsiai State Forest Enterprise for compost production.

After the restoration of grassland habitats, the survival conditions for the following species included in the Lithuanian Red Book improved: Corn Crake, Wood Sandpiper, Wood Lark, Honey Buzzard, Clouded Apollo, Large Copper, Masculine Orchid, Orchidaceae, Siberian Iris, and others.

During the project, we strengthened cooperation between the Park and Forest Enterprise, shared our experience and knowledge. On October 15th, we jointly organized a seminar in Reiškiai Telmological Reserve. At the seminar, we learned more about those that find refuge in this unique reserve, visited the restored areas, saw the new equipment for mowing and compost production, and splashed our way through Reiškiai wilderness swamp.

Both our partners foresters and the community are involved in the project activities. On October 14th, for our community members we organized an educational trip to Varniai Regional Park. There, we visited a newly established visitor centre. Park specialist Linas told us about the values of the park. Ecologist Laurynas escorted us to Debesnai swamp and the complex of Medvėgalis Mound. We visited Biržuvėnai Mansion and admired the autumn landscape from Šatrija Mound. On December 3rd, together with Plateliai community we organized a seminar on biodiversity conservation.

The project manager – the directorate of Žemaitija National Park, the project partner – Telšiai State Forest Enterprise (VĮ “Telšių miškų urėdija”).



Project Manager:                                                             Project Partner:

Directorate of Žemaitija National Park                               Telšiai State Forest Enterprise