About park

The Žemaitija National Park is a protected territory, founded on the basis of Resolution No. I-1244 dated 23rd April 1991 of the Supreme Council – Restoration Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania “On the Foundation of the Dzūkija, Curonian Spit and Žemaitija National Parks, the Trakai Historical National Park and the Viešvilė State Reserve“ (O.J., No.13-332, 1991) to preserve landscape complexes of national importance and cultural heritage that represent peculiarities of Žemaitija’s nature and culture in the ethnocultural context, ensure balanced use and recovery of natural resources, provide conditions for educational tourism, scientific research and environmental monitoring.

The Park's goals are: to conserve the main system of lakes and forests in Žemaitija, the existing cultural heritage and restore the damaged parts; to carry out scientific research, data collection and regular monitoring of the Park's environment and ethnic and cultural heritage; to cherish the cultural traditions of Žemaitija; to disseminate ideas and knowledge of environmental protection; to encourage traditional forms of farming; to promote appropriate recreation activities, and primarily cognitive tourism.